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About us

Sometimes you just need a partner.

You can't do it all yourself, and in those times when you need competent help that knows your struggle, feels your pain, and can help you get your job done, you call us! We have the tools, skills, the experience and most of all, the desire to get it right, on time, and under budget.

We keep things confidential and on track and work for Oil Companies, Developers, Cell Tower Providers, Midstream and Utilities Companies, Acequia Associations and Engineering Firms.

what`s new?

New Gas Line System for the Wattenberg

Infrastructure for the takeaway of oil and gas in Weld and Adams counties has never been more important. We just started a new 70 mile system that will help operators produce more while limiting that impact to the residents of the county.

Technical Partner with Amigos Bravos

An on going E coli study on the Rio Fernando in Taos County New Mexico conducted by Amigos Bravos needed some extra research help with data and GIS mapping so they reached out to us for assistance. We were thrilled to help and excited to be a part of a team helping to restore and protect New Mexico water resources.

Wattenberg Mineral Evaluation

Our new mineral evaluation project covers 1000 plus acres in the hottest part of the basin and some of the interests date back to the inception of Greeley itself (founded in 1871). Our detailed and meticulous records work will make our client an extra bonus in their sales efforts.

why us?

We Have The Experience.

We've been at it a long time, and if we haven't done it, we know a couple people that have.

We Have The People.

A skilled team with broad connections and far reaching relationships.

What you see is What you get!.

We learned the "Old School" way, where our word and our handshake becomes our bond.