a few words about us

Just what is our story?  We are about the Land...its use, its changes, its re-use. Keeping it in its highest and best use for its owner!

It all starts out as a land rush and an area is settled, then farmed, and then it becomes an undeveloped tract...over time things change. The farm is sold and subdivided into smaller lots. Various companies need access for electric lines or roads, pipelines or fiber for phones. If you are really lucky, oil and gas or other minerals are found which means wells need to be drilled and transportation lines installed. Then development pushes in on you, zoning changes, taxes rise, a cell site needs to go in, then water and sewer lines.

James C Karo Associates has been a part of these changes in land use, working from the Mississippi River to the California coast, for major companies and landowners alike. As Landmen, we know the ropes, the regulations, the process and the players. The West has continued to grow in boom and bust cycles which has allowed us to keep our skill set diversified, sharp and expansive.

We buy oil and gas leases for oil companies, tracts of land for subdivision developers, run title and interpret ownership, acquire rights of way, easements and cell tower sites, we route pipelines and acquire land for facilities, both big and small. Sometimes we even design and build those facilities too! Our clients have an idea...a business model they trust, and we do the foundational work to make their plan a reality. Call us today, you will be amazed at what we can do for you!

what we offer

Experience and a Broad Skill-set in every part of land related development activity.

Our team is broad, we have a biologist, a lawyer or two, landmen, a surveyor, and a group of environmental experts that can handle air permitting, archaeological surveys and most aspects of an EIS. We also team up with a group of engineers covering everything structural design, water scour and flow rates, civil aspects and reservoir work.

Fair Pricing and an Ethical and Diligent Work Ethic.

You get what you pay for with us, sometimes more and never less. With us, an hour is an hour, not a minimum. Our pricing is competitive

First Class Technical Skills in GIS, CAD and various data and mapping programs...we are very software literate!

No project exists today without a litany of software support and communications. Drawings, briefs, drafts, maps, communication, reports, updates, presentations and timelines all require data management and coordination. We are good with them all!

our team


  • James C Karo
    Mr. Karo is the Principle and Founder of James C Karo Associates...
  • Fabrianna Venaducci
    A Senior Partner, Fabrianna brings poise and attention to detail that is...
  • Amy Mowry
    Amy's  real property and natural resources practice focuses on helping interest holders navigate...
  • Eric Berg
    A Certified Wildlife Biologist and Certified Professional Wetland Scientist, Eric is the...
  • Matthew K Lawrence
    Mr. Lawrence has been offering architectural, interior and planning services throughout the...
  • Duane Russell
    Duane brings a broad GIS skill set as well as longstanding field...
  • Matt Smith
    Matt broke into the oil and gas industry working at a drilling...
  • David Stahl
    David has ten years of experience in real estate and oil and...
  • Sharon Hamilton
    Attention to detail is second nature to Sharon, a skill that comes...
  • Zach Hoffman
    Our California Native, Zach spent 5 years working in a Fidelity Title...
  • Patricia Adams
    Without someone to track a budget, its impossible to stay within it,...