It's hard to toot your own horn, but when clients are happy about our performance they insist on telling someone after they tell us. We love that, and you will too! Feel free to browse a few of these simple statements and if you really want to get into the meat on who we are, go to this PDF where you can get a list of our references. Don't take our word for it, talk to the people who know us, have used us, have paid us...let them tell you if they got their money's worth.

Putting a pipeline through a populated area like Greeley, Colorado is a really difficult task. It is made even worse when you are the 2nd or 3rd pipeline going through someones land that doesn't have anything to gain from it. The owners are usually hostile and defiant, but Karo's team, especially Duane and James, really know how to smooth things over and get the job done.

Another company referred them to us and I am really glad they were available, without their efforts our project COULD NOT have been completed!

acquisitions Vice President, Platte River Midstream, Rim Rock Gathering

I have had the good fortune to have worked with Mr. Karo since early 2005. We have pointed to a spot on a map, given them a map in a brochure, laid out our strategy in the conference room. Then we give Karo's team some parameters and just let them run.

They keep things confidential and stay within or budget constraints. Over and over they have earned our trust and exceeded our expectations.

Vice President of Land, Enerplus Resources, Source Energy Partners, Centennial Resources, http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=254649686

I read about several large transactions being done in the Wall Street Journal and at the end of each article I learned that the Due Diligence portion of the project was being done by James C Karo Associates of Denver on behalf of the buyers in the 2 deals. My deal was a lot smaller, but I really needed some expertise to give me an analysts viewpoint of the package I wanted to buy. This firm made a huge difference for me, they were thorough, direct, very detail orientated and absolutely gave me the comfort level I hoped for in purchasing this mineral package. Their land and transaction knowledge was much better than I hoped and made the deal go very smoothly.

Mineral and Production buyer, Dallas Texas, Bright & Company, LLC

I put Karo's group on every deal we have trouble with, especially the deals that are too complex or timely for our in-house staff to deal with. They have an incredible skill set, great attention to detail and get everything done efficiently and cost effectively while maintaining our confidentiality.

Noble Energy, Senior Land Manager, Wattenberg Land Group