Income Property

Mailbox Money...its a term that comes to many peoples minds when they think about winning a lottery or some such gift based on fate or luck, but not to us. There is only a few REAL ways to build wealth and produce and protect income and of course, its not easy, it requires dedicated focus, perseverance and hard work. Buying income producing real estate is the easy part, where you buy it, and what you do with it is where the real story unfolds.

Before we embark on this road, we've asked ourselves a few very important questions:
1. What type of property do we like? Apartments, Office Buildings, Retail Strips?
2. Where is the best value in terms of price and growth potential?
3. How much am I willing to spend...some say risk?
4. Who will manage it?
For over 20 years we have played this game with our money, and some of our partners money, and as you can imagine we have our own opinions on how this works for us.

We own and continue to buy apartments and office buildings and are about to embark on a new adventure. If you are interested in joining us, give us a call (303-279-0789) and we will fill you in.