Crude Oil, Produced Water, Natural Gas and CO2, we have supported the pipeline industry with all sorts of products, pipe sizes and scopes of projects. From field gathering systems, natural gas storage facilities, crude oil transportation, interstate and intrastate FERC lines as well as short line industrial supply lines, we are deftly experienced.

The easy projects, across sparsely populated areas tend to be the easiest in terms of route selection and design but can be complicated if there a multi-jurisdictional permit process. EIA and EIS requirements alone can delay a project for 18 months or more but our crack team and our vast contacts take out all of the guess work.

Need a line through a municipality, or service audits through an existing legacy route that now has the surface built out? We have you covered...we routinely work in populated areas that present a multitude of moving pieces with a cacophony of lawyers, planners, engineers, owners groups and a litany of bureaucratic hurdles.