Bill Barrett Expands Position

Texas American had a large leasehold position in the Wattenberg Area of Colorado along with some oil and gas production and well equipment. The industry was in full tilt, everyone was very busy and talent was scarce, especially good landmen. But local connections run deep, and James C Karo Associates was the first name that came to mind.

They had the skill set, the experience, but would they have the time? Fresh off a large acquisition project in Utah, they were available to meet the challenge. After 30 grueling days, the files were ready, with limited failures, and BBC was ready to spend $165,000,000 to expand their position in the DJ Basin.

"We were happy to serve" Mr. Karo was quoted in an interview with the Niobrara News, "we had just completed a large project in Utah and had some time. Despite the size of their acquisition, I was familiar with the area and as fate would have it, I had worked on some of the core assets they were looking at 20 years earlier!"

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