Mr. Karo is the Principle and Founder of James C Karo Associates and has a broad spectrum of experience in all phases of land use work, a BS from the University of New Mexico as well as Graduate Study in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He began buying leases in the field for a variety of companies including Shell, Amoco, Tenneco and Exxon before he went the company employee route...making trades, drilling wells, and managing a staff. He started James C Karo Associates in 1996.

Being a part of a cyclical world where the micro-focused become extinct, he has continued to hone old skill sets into new projects and new efforts in other sectors that require advanced land use skill sets and transferable talents. Such talents have allowed the firm to compete and succeed in GSA build-out and lease backs, telecom related acquisitions and entitlement, real estate development and other land use regulated activities.

Specialties: regulatory compliance, permits, acquisitions, title review and curative, due diligence, detailed land use and ownership reports, pipeline route selection and rights-of-way acquisition, site selection, roof-top leasing, radio tower entitlement and planning and zoning related activities for construction and development.

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